Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall operation and stewardship of the Company and has adopted the following guidelines to ensure the most effective management of GGOG.

The Board is the ultimate decision-making authority of the Company except in those matters reserved to and/or shared with Shareholders under the laws of Ghana.

These guidelines will be constantly reviewed and amended by the Board to ensure ongoing effective governance of the Company.

Specifically the Board will be accountable for;-

  1. approving the strategic objectives of the Company and establishing goals designed to promote the achievement of those strategic objectives;
  2. approving and monitoring systems of risk management and internal compliance and control, codes of conduct, legal compliance and ethical standards;
  3. approving investments and ongoing evaluation of those investments;
  4. approving and monitoring financial and other reporting;
  5. monitoring senior management’s performance against the goals and objectives established by the Board; and
  6. approving any public statements which reflect significant issues of the Company’s policy or strategy.

Director Qualifications

GGOG seeks to appoint Directors who have very high integrity, proven business capability and focused on furthering our shareholder’s interests.

Director Compensation

Only directors who are not employed by the Company will receive compensation which will be nominal and determined by the full Board.

Board Size

The Board currently has 3 members but GGOG is committed to increasing the number of Board numbers under the By Laws of the Company as the company grows and achieves its objectives. Ideally the Company will strive to have a Board comprising of more Independent directors than non independent and management directors.

The Company does not have any tenure or other policies that would limit the appointment of a director.

Board Meetings

There will be at least 4 meetings of the Board each financial year and The Chairman of the Board is responsible for setting the Agenda for each board meeting. Each director may submit items for inclusion and is also free to raise, at any Board meeting, items that were not included in the Agenda.