Future Energy Innovations ("FEI")

Partnering with GGOG to market and license the patented technologies.

Mr Nana Thomas: Founder of FEI

Nana is a qualified industrial chemist, commercial builder and inventor. He has an extensive resume’ of patents previously held in his name.

Gary resides on his 1,100 acre rural property located in Queensland, Australia. He has researched numerous issues relating to the coal seam gas industry over the past 10 years or so and his interest was heightened when he became aware that his own property was within the area which was soon to to be impacted by gas exploration activities.

Stemming from his research, Gary developed a number of concepts to minimize the potential environmental impacts of the operation of CSG wells. These concepts have culminated in the patenting to date of two extremely important developments relevant to the CSG industry, namely:

  • A system which claims to continuously detect and report small gas leaks which occur along high pressure transmission gas pipelines (FEI Gas Pipeline Leak Detection System); and
  • A system which claims to contain and recover gas and wellbore fluids which escape to the surface environment at and around drilled gas wellheads (FEI Gas Wellhead Leak Containment and Recovery System).

Currently, Gary is exploring concepts and systems to protect the underlying aquifers and, most importantly, the Great Artesian Basin (the world’s largest and deepest artesian basin in the world) from migrating coal seam gas well contaminants.

FEI’s Gas Wellhead Leak Containment and Recovery System aims to enable CSG operators to reap great financial benefits by minimizing monitoring costs, reducing downtime, increasing well production.

FEI’s Gas Wellhead Leak Containment and Recovery System is also focused on protecting farmers’ organic farming status and the quality of valuable soil resources.

Currently, these patented systems are undergoing extensive final testing on existing drilled gas wellheads before GGOG can commence marketing and licensing activities.

The market potential is enormous and GGOG expects all testing will be completed early in 2017.