Grand Gold Oil and Gas Ltd. (GSE Symbol - GGOG) is an Investment Company, focused on growth through acquisition, expansion and development of

• metallurgical and mining projects
• innovative new technologies

Our business model is to acquire projects at low cost that present the potential to prove up significant resources and revenues using our expertise to generate value through development, joint venture or divestment.

Our Management Structure and business model is the ideal vehicle to either acquire these valuable assets as we have a team of highly experienced and qualified experts in every area of mining and related industries.

By investing in strategic holdings and using our expertise to value enhance these assets, GGOG is generating future growth and increased value of the Company for its shareholders.

Metallurgical and Mining projects

GGOG employs strict investment criteria for project acquisitions and focuses on available tenements in proximity to operating mines, or in areas with proven or potential in-ground resources in regions suitable for short-term development.

GGOG selects projects based upon historical drilling or sampling results combined with robust geological mining concepts and financial models. We then exploit the hidden potential by exploration and analysis and, where required, bring our projects up to JORC/NI 43-101 compliance.

There are many opportunities to exploit smaller, undeveloped or previously mined gold resources that are of no interest to the large mining companies.

In addition, there are numerous small hard rock and Ashanti gold mines which have viable gold resources but are unable to raise the funds to start up or continue operations. These present excellent acquisition or Joint Venture opportunities.

Our Management Structure and business model is the ideal vehicle to either acquire these valuable deposits as we have a team of highly experienced and qualified experts in every area of mining.

Our focus is on gold because we view gold as the strongest store of wealth because of its scarcity. Gold, throughout history, has been seen as the best way to protect wealth and this is increasingly more so as the World lurches from one economic crisis to another.

We view our strategy as the exact opposite to that of the vast majority of gold miners. They mine the gold as quickly as they can and then sell it for dollars thereby reducing the overall asset value of their investment. They turn their gold into dollars as soon as they can and, in so doing, quickly reduce their asset value and build up long term debt. In time they delete their entire asset and are left with nothing. There is an enormous cost involved in bringing a mine into full and continuing production and an analysis of the world’s top gold miners will show that their net debt has increased significantly while their common shares outstanding has more than doubled.

The result is significant dilution of shareholder equity.

Our strategic aim is to maximise gold ownership per share and in so doing increase the financial leverage of our shareholders. GGOG shares trade with one of the lowest amounts of outstanding stock for a Ghana. publicly traded precious metals exploration and mining company. Our aim is to progressively increase the gold ownership per share over time whereas conventional gold mining reduces the gold ownership per share.

Finding new sources of gold is becoming increasingly costly and difficult. Furthermore it is becoming more costly to extract because of ever increasing costs and environmental constraints.

In Ghana, for example, exploration and mine development has virtually stopped because of the demands made by governments on rehabilitation of the environment.

We do, of course understand that extracted gold is worth more than gold in the ground and that to realise the full potential of our gold assets our resources have to be mined.

To this end we will form JVs with experienced and well-funded mining companies who will take on the major funding costs of funding necessary to bring our mines into full and economic production in return for a share of equity and/or royalties. In this way we can minimise debt and equity dilution.

Critical to our strategy is an unrelenting focus on acquisitions and exploration backed by a highly experienced and expert team of mining specialists.

We believe that, over the long term, the upward pressure on the price of gold will enable us to produce an ROI significantly above average to the benefit of our shareholders.

Innovative New Technologies

We have many opportunities to invest in rapidly developing new technologies which develop organically from our mining operations, our expert team of consultants and the valuable knowledge and connections of our Board members.

We are currently looking at innovative opportunities which are well beyond the speculative stage and have proven technology and substantial revenue potential.

New technologies present GGOG with another potential ‘’golden’’ source of growth which spring naturally from our own resources and experience.