ABOUT US: Management team.

At the heart of Grand Gold business is the talented team of employees and contractors around the country who represent diverse cultures and religious backgrounds. In addition to embracing this diversity, we aim to create a workplace culture that fosters leaders and enables all to succeed in their positions and grow in their careers. Our people create the value in the metals we mine, so we invest in ensuring a safe and respectful work environment, while providing the training and tools needed to achieve our goal of eliminating all workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses. Our people are our ambassadors in the communities where they live and work. We expect everyone, at every level, to act with integrity, trust and respect, be responsible stewards of the environment, and serve as role models in safety in the workplace and in their communities. The officers of our management team have broad experience in both mining, oil and gas and many other industries. They bring unique qualifications, interests and viewpoints to Grand Gold and operate under the direction of the Board of Directors.

Patrick Gawobla

Patrick has over 15 years' experience as an entrepreneur and has been the lead person as CEO and Director of numerous companies. He currently holds several directorships and sits on the Board of various Organizations and provides solid direction to overall Management team in areas of corporate activities, shareholder value creation, operational and project development.

He has 15 years experience in the mining industry and Five years experience in the oil and gas sector, both combined together to make a vast knowledge of wealth in the industry. He has single handedly secured most of our mining concessions with his communication skills. He holds a B,S.C degree in international relations added to his vast educational background.


Henry Alordiah

He holds a degree certification in Oil and gas and an international certification in mining ,in addition to his expertise trade. He has served in various capacity in the company over the years and has vast knowledge of local and international mining laws.

Henry, who is qualified in Finance / Financial Planning, Insurance and Real Estate, provides comprehensive technical expertise within finance, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, joint-venture arrangements, tapping equity markets, banking syndicates and other sources to provide the capital funding for GGOG's mine developments and expansion.

He has extensive experience in preparing off-take development finance packages, insurance wraps, commodity trade exports and trade credit certificates.

As Director, Henry cultivates business relationships to introduce strategic investors and operations partners to all our projects in order to drive new and existing business development.